Tub or shower in a guest bed?

Shower/tub combinations are what we see in most household bathrooms. They’re practical and  efficient – take a long relaxing bath or a quick shower.

However there are some disadvantages as well. While they’re nice for families with kids, they can pose difficulties for older people or those with mobility problems. The tubs also take up a lot of space.

The latest trend in bathroom design is either to replace a tub with a shower or a shower and freestanding tub.

Here are a few benefits of going with a shower – especially in first floor/guest bathrooms.

  • Quick and convenient
  • Easy access – you could add grab bars, non-slip tiles and benches too!
  • Fits in small footprint
  • You can add high-end features like rain showers and jets

And they look great – providing a clean and contemporary look to any bathroom! Here’s a guest bathroom that I designed recently:


Beige and brown tiles work great in both contemporary and classic designs.


A sitting bench was included in the design keeping in mind the needs of guests who would use this bathroom.


Cabinets, granite and the mirror frame provide a cohesive color scheme.

I hope this helps you when you are faced with an option to chose a tub or shower for your guest bath!